Reputable Commercial and Industrial Building Contractors

Precision Crane and Screeding, LLC was founded on the idea of being industry leaders in new wave construction, by reducing construction costs for contractors while providing a top-quality product. We want to help our clients decrease their overall labor costs using the knowledge we gained from more than 30 years of industry experience.


Our Solution

From our experience, we found that our laser screed can help you reduce your labor costs by 30%. We are also the first company that has a 36 ft. long knuckle boom laser screed that is designed for post tension decks and is capable of helping you optimize your construction projects. Our crew that works on the crane always prioritizes safety and works well with others to get the job done on time.

Exceptional Contractors

We serve our clients with professionalism and honesty. With Tommy Sarenana leading our team, we are able to provide specialized and cost-effective construction services that are nothing short of excellent.